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September 01, 2005


Joan Lloyd

Dear Mar:

This is really wonderful to see the compassion and love at a time of such devastation. I'm grateful for so many who have done so much. Children will remember this. When you said there is power of a little penny, the power of little people, the power of little hands,it describes the power of "The One". Thanks for the information. Sacrifice also comes to those who wait, watch, pray, and take care of the responsibilities and cares at home.

We are blessed.


Marilyn has always had a heart that feels deeply for all who are suffering, especially little children.

Nathan and I had a wonderful trip to Mississippi, and were able to help many people that had their lives and homes uprooted. We placed all of the blankets Marilyn made. Pictures will come soon.

I am so impressed by the power of faith and the power of the human spirit. Everywhere I went mid the destruction - faith, hope and the power of helping one another were shining much brighter than I've ever seen in my day to day routine.

On television, we see a lot of the worst of people that comes out in a disaster. Yellow journalism is aptly named.

In my experience in Mississippi, I saw exactly the opposite, the best of people, helping one another giving all they had when they had just lost nearly everything... And they were happy and grateful. The words of one of the victims described the human spirit best: "we are all one". We are, we felt it and so did they.

One lady who lost her home, possessions and job in New Orleans attempted to pay us $60 for our services... The human spirit is real, powerful and vibrant - I hope each of us won't deny ourselves the opportunity to experience it.

Thanks Mar - you've understood this for a long, long time.



It really was neat to realize how much the kids gave. It ended up AVERAGING over $10 per child in our school. I know the families in our school who are refugees among us will be so appreciative of the effort their peers have demonstrated. Why can't it always be that way among people? Marilyn, you're right, in that life would be so much better if we could always see the good in one another and not the differences. The evangelists have it all wrong. You don't give until it hurts, you give until it feels good. Giving to another human being, and making a difference in someone else's life sets you free to experience life at it's fullest. I am glad Nathan and Jonathan went out to help people first hand. What an amazing life lesson for Nathan! These Lloyds, I think maybe they should run the world...

Marilyn, you know how much I love you, and it amazes me more to watch you love everyone else...

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