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October 19, 2005



O.K., the close-up of Carlotta's front with the lake in the background is AWESOME! What a great shot.

You already know how much we love that little car, and the beautiful woman who drives her. Your visits with Carlotta really boosted Matthew's spirits at an otherwise sad time. Thanks for sharing her with us.

Stacy & Dak

Okay, love the pics! You're right that Carlotta makes people smile. I look out the window of the clinic at various times thoughout the day and smile when I see the cute lil thing, mostly because I replay in my brain the day that you said you wanted a MINI to fit your "mini" family. Too fun. Dak would still like to see it up close, so you'll have to bring her for a visit!

Jonathan Lloyd

Carlotta is a new member of the family! She has fit in nicely with the other children and is very well behaved.

She even gets up early when it is time to take Nathan and his friends to Seminary class.

About the only problem she has is that occasionally she passes 'gas'. Mostly, though, she passes BMWs, Porsches, Lexus' and big monster trucks.



How spoiled you are Miss Mar!! I only wish I were there to join with you in the fun! It definitely is the car for you because it is RED and it is a reminder of ITALY (at least to me) and is CUTE just like you! I hope the kid in you is having a blast! Thanks Jonathon for loving and taking care of my best friend! Love, Kim

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