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February 11, 2006


Jonathan Lloyd

Emily is my very favorite morningtime buddy! We get the chance to hang out after everyone leaves for school! She fixes me lunch (sometimes), and then I ask her if she is leaving, she hangs out until I say, "How about I load up your bike in the truck and give you a ride?" Then all of a sudden she is ready to go!

As we are driving out of the driveway, she grabs 'her' garage door opener and closes the garage before I have a chance to! Another little competitive insight to Emi.

Fun with a fun 7th grader!

Joan Lloyd

Thanks, Marilyn for telling me about the Post on Emi. I did miss it. I don't know how, but I did. I loved the picture. She is growing up so fast. I love her smile. It would brighten up anyone's day.

Emily: I love you. You are the BEST!! I'm excited to see you soon.

Grandma Joan

Little Joke for Emily:

Yesterday Grandpa Ben and I were at the hospital visiting Elizabeth and Mark. You grandpa said (While i was eating a SMALL bag of potato chips): Your mom is really getting back her appetite back. Somewhat taken back I quickly replied: "It must have been that PIG valve the doctor gave me."

Mar: (You can erase this one. Thanks.)

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