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February 22, 2006


Jonathan Lloyd

It has been so fun to watch Marilyn this olympics. Marilyn has always been fascinated with the many countries of the earth. She has always been engrossed in the Olympics! She loves watching the people come together from the four corners of the earth (and of course, she is a bit competitive ;)

This year her interest has been at least tripled as she has a special place in her heart for Italy (it is the only country shaped like a boot and I can testify she loves shoes!!!). I believe she is part Italian, she needs to use her hands when she talks (even if she is talking on the phone - quite dangerous while driving) and her cooking is out of this world delicious!

She lived in Torino for several months and is thrilled at every glimpse she gets of the city.

We had a little competition going between Italy and Norway (I lived in Norway) for the 4x10k cross country. It was only fitting that her Italians should smash the field and win the gold. My Norwegians have been a bit dissappointing this year...

My only regret was not getting her on a plane so she could be there in person.

She did get the uniform (shirt and hat) and she looks like an Olympian every time she wears it!

I wouldn't want to be going up against her on the skeleton!


It's fun to learn the little interesting tidbits about your friends this way. Thanks for showing glimpses of loving little you!

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