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March 24, 2006



Nice Song, I like it. Thanks to you, I'm feeling more and more at home (in freaking Texas!), yee-haw! You are very spoiled. Sigh. I remember the first time I heard that song was in Carlotta on the way to your house!

Jonathan Lloyd

I was so excited for this opportunity. I got online right at 10:00 to nab some seats. I hesitated when the best I could find were way in the back in the balcony. Then I bought them. I wondered if I could get better seats, so I tried again. No luck :( I tried one more time and lo and behold! better seats, so I bought them... now what? 4 tickets...

Well, we asked around and not many were familiar with Michael Buble... Finally Marilyn found some Michael Buble fans and they were so excited to buy the extra 2 tickets!

The night of the concert came and Marilyn looked terrific. She always is so classy! It was an honor to accompany her and Carlotta to the concert. We went to Pappadeux for dinner, and of course we had some leftovers, so I talked Mar into going across the street to the grocery store where she bought some frozen corn to put on our leftovers to keep them cold while we went to the concert. It is a real wonder that she sticks with me with all I put her through. Here she is in her fancy concert outfit buying frozen corn!

We arrived at the concert and left Carlotta outside to keep an eye on the car. We arrived just in time for the warm up, which was a comedian that was Michael Buble's friend. He wasn't very funny.

I was so impressed with Michael Buble, he had a great stage presence and an incredible voice. On his last number, he put down the mike and sang without any amplification, it was incredible!

I am so thankful for a classy, beautiful wife! I like to think that when we were young and she was in Italy and I was in the states that she felt the sentiment of the song "home" and thought of me.

I know that the only place I will ever feel truly at home will be by her side. She is the heart of our home and my life!

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