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March 24, 2006



Congratulations Megan!! Derek was excited to read about your baptism especially since he just had his also! You are so beautiful just like your mommy!


You're right Megan, you look like a Mudgy now
Nurse Stacy


Congratulations, Megan! You are such a lovely girl -- we love watching you grow.

Jonathan Lloyd

Megan is a very sweet girl. She was so happy the day of her baptism that she was radiant! I was so very honored to be asked by Megan to perform the baptism. It was a sweet moment for both of us.

It is truly amazing the way life works out! We went to Utah to have Megan baptized as my mother (who hasn't missed a baptism of any of her grandchildren) had open heart surgery over Christmas. Marilyns's father has also been experiencing multiple health challenges. Marilyn thoughtfully suggested that we travel to Utah over Spring Break to baptize Megan so the family could attend.

We searched for a central place and arrived at the church we attended when we were in school and Nathan was a baby. The building is in downtown Salt Lake City, a few blocks from Temple Square.

It worked out wonderfully! So many family attended, we were so grateful, especially to my Uncle Earl and Aunt Neoma for arranging the facility for us. As we entered the building I saw a picture of Megan's great-great-great grandfather, Charles C. Rich. He had been the president of that particular congregation many years before! That was a nice coincidence on such a special day for Megan!

Joan Lloyd

WOW -- what a beautiful picture of Jonathan, Marilyn and Megan. I printed the picture off. It is WONDERFUL. Thank you for coming to Utah. It was one of the most special baptisms I have ever been to. You guys are the greatest

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