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March 27, 2006



Looks like you guys had a blast in all of the fun white stuff! But Mar, where is the picture of you going down the on the tube? Ha Ha! Where did you go? Family time is the best and most treasured times.

Jonathan Lloyd

We have so much fun together as a family! We spent nearly all afternoon trying to get as far as we could up the mountain on the 4 wheeler. It was quite icy and we kept getting stuck, but it was fun to spin the wheels. Marilyn didn't want to get cold, but after she broke down and drove the 4-wheeler, it was pretty difficult to get her off!

The next day Dad came up and took the kids for rides. He had no problem getting up the hills, I couldn't understand it... then he showed me how to switch the 4-wheeler from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive. Boy did I feel silly!


Now THAT looks like fun!

Cold, but FUN.

Joan Lloyd

Dear Mar:

I haven't checked your Web Log for a while and I was pleasantly surprised with all that was on it. I thought I checked it last week and nothing was on, but I may be losing track of time.

I loved Megan's eyes picture. I'm so grateful she is working hard to have both eyes work properly.

I loved the pictures in the snow at the cabin. You guys must have had a great time. It is our favorite place.

Jonathan: I guess even when you are in your 40s you can still learn a trick or two from dad!! haha
Love you.


I had a great time. We had fun when we went on the tubes

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