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April 18, 2006



That's my noodle girl! It really does go by so fast. I am glad that I've been able to spend so much time with her, and that it's been so enjoyable. There is no good reason I can fathom to miss out on every single minute of her life that I can (while she still wants me there). One of the first things that made me like Marilyn so much was that she just couldn't get enough of her kids (of course I agree), and even better that those kids are such great people. I love parents that can do that! I'm so glad that Katelyn has her aunt Marilyn!


What a cutie!! It has been fun to watch "Noodle" grow even though I don't personally know her and Stacy. But I figure any friend of Mar that she can't stop talking about must be a great person!! And yes Mar, are a cutie too!!

Jonathan Lloyd

I like this picture so much it is currently on my desktop of my work computer.

People probably think we have a fifth child! I'm ok with that, but Stacy & Dak probably aren't!



noodel is a cutie. I love to hold her and play with her. I love her.

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