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May 21, 2006



Great pictures Marilyn! You do have beautiful children.

Jonathan Lloyd

What an adventure!!!

Emily and I rushed to get to the photo shoot as soon as she returned from her babysitting assignment. Halfway there we received the call about the film shortage, and quickly changed directions toward the corner drug store. By the time we reached the hill, the sun was nearly gone. However, with a bit of quick manuvering, and expert camera work, the photos you see resulted! On the way home was as equally challenging as Emily was about ready to stop breathing (not quite) due to her allergies.

Truly, she was in pain the itching was so severe. Thanks for taking one for the team Emily!

I am often approached and complimented on our family. The two most common compliments are: "Your children are so well behaved!" and "You have such beautiful children!".

I have searched for years to find the appropriate response to such compliments, I think I finally found the perfect one. I say:

"Thank you! It is my wife's fault!"

Indeed Marilyn is the heart of our home and the center of our beauty!


Absolutely beautiful pictures. And yes I would agree that your children are so darling! Derek loved the picture of Megan and had to read the story. My kids now want to go find some flowers and take pictures too!


Wow, those are GREAT photos, and I love the new banner on top. You have to teach me how to do that! I think all of those compliments are well deserved. But even better than beautiful and well behaved is that each of their own individual personalities just shine and their true character is obvious. They're better than good looking, they're good people...

Love your Family Mar!!! You're going to be my advisor along my childrearing adventure you know!


The blue bonets made me itch very much. glad you could take us.

Joan Lloyd

Dear Mar:
Thanks for offering to print some pictures for me. I looked through them, and loved each and every one. No grandmother can select certain pictures of her grandchildren. I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!

Greedy Grandma

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