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June 22, 2006



how was the wetting? i like the bycicle bult or two.
i love you


You are the cutest couple I've ever seen on a bicycle built for two!

Joan Lloyd

Dear Marilyn:

You Look Sweet
Upon the seat
Of a bicycle built for two. . . . . . . And you're half crazy, I must admit. Never have I had so much fun to see you jump into Jonathan's arms and see him smiling from ear to ear, his face as red as a beet. You make life fun.

You both look sweet
Upon a seat
Jonathan's face red as a beet,
You make his life complete!!!
With or without a bicycle built for two.

Loving your romantic, crazy ways


Aww, Joan said it all. I'll just sit here, sigh, and smile...

Jonathan Lloyd

We started with a 2-seater, but now we've got the expanded 6-seater version. Sometimes it feels like the pedalers in the back four seats are pretty intent on having as much fun as their mother! They sure can liven up the trip! The only problem is that they pedal real fast for awhile, but when we hit the first incline, they like to "coast". Actually our children are marvelous workers.

Here's my try at a ditty:

"I've never felt so complete
as when I am on a seat
of a bicycle built for two

with Mar by my side
Life is suddenly a very fun ride
on OUR bicycle built for two

We added four seats
Each one just as sweet
On our bicycle built for two

Now I'm part of the most fantabulous team
With the girl of my dreams
Laughing and living on our bicycle built for two.

It doesn't matter where we go,
We can go fast, we can go slow
We can labor up the mountain climb
We can speed down the steep incline
We can ride the rough and dusty road
or carry a painful and heavy load
We can laugh together
We can smile forever
We can just sit and watch the setting sun
I have found the seat that makes me complete
with Marilyn beside me...DO

I love you Marilyn,


Joan Lloyd

Dear Jonathan:

I really love you. You are a wonderful husband, father, and SON.

Love, Mom


All of this just makes me smile--thank you. I remember my dad singing the same song, Mar. Wan't it fun? You all are wonderful.

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