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June 13, 2006



On our trip we had a awesome time.My family and I saw 3 moose. We took pictures with us in the snow.As we got farther and farther we went to the Killeans. There names are Travis,Derek,Emilee,and camran.I loved calorado.


What a crazy, fast, fun trip. Thanks so much for spending your "80 minutes" with us. We loved seeing you guys again!! As for dinner, let it go! Just let the bad energy go for crying out loud!!!!! (Hee Hee) We love y'all!!!

Travis, Derek, Emilee and Cameron

Travis: Thanks for coming to visit us. It was fun to see you.
Derek: You are a great family!!!
Emilee: Thank you for coming to play with me. I miss you so much.
Cameron: Who dat? (upon seeing Nathan holding him) I runnin, runnin (he
remembered running around with everyone!)


I need to tell you somthing that I forgot to tell you mom. I loved it when I got to spend time with Alyssa. It was a blast.


4 posts up this week, you are a busy little thing! I've missed seeing you. Katelyn's walking will truly amaze you. She also "fake coughs" now. Imagine that, a nurse with an infant who fakes a cough...

Joan Lloyd

Dear Mar and Family:

Whew!!! I can't keep up with you guys. It sounded like a crazy, busy, wonderful trip, packed all together with my wonderful Jonathan and Marilyn Lloyd and family, Marilyn leading the way, Jonathan and kids loving every minute of it. Jonathan's eyes light up, Marilyn, when you enter the room. Love ya.

Jonathan Lloyd

We are a living example that it is the journey that counts, not the destination...

I just hope the journey doesn't kill us off :)

What a marvelous and memorable trip. I am so grateful Marilyn captures the memories with pictures.

Well, we're off to plan our next journey.


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