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June 02, 2006



Oh Aunt Mar~

I'm so sorry that I didn't get a tribute sent for Grandma Richens! Please give her a hug from me and tell her that I love her, and that I wish that I could get to know her better. I'll never forget going over to her home and visiting with her and Grandpa Richens when I was little. I loved going outside and picking cherries and other fruits from their garden. (I suppose it was more than just a garden though.)Great Grandma truly is awesome, and I am glad she is mine!
Thanks, Aunt Mar.

Love, Karen


How blessed you are to still have your Grandmother! I can remember the most beautiful memories with my grandparents, unfortunately they have all passed on. I hope her birthday was wonderful, and I'm sure she must be amazing to have helped you grow into such a beautiful woman. She makes my heart smile. God bless you all.

Jonathan Lloyd

The party was a smashing success!!!

The family managed to keep the party a secret, so Grandma was very surprised!

Marilyn did a fantabulous job (as usual). We had old fashioned games, wooden yo-yos, jacks, mini chalkboards for the kids, hopscotch, marbles and stickball with a ball made of cloth. The children loved it! (But they couldn't figure out how to play jacks)

The food was fantastic! Chicken salad sandwiches, fruit bowls, chips, salsa, fresh pecans from Texas, relish trays and best of all, home-made strawberry shortcake! Marilyn had decorated really cute with balloons, festive colored tablecloths, posters for grandma, black and white pictures in frames of grandma when she was younger, and a table with a tribute book for Grandma. Grandma's children and grandchildren had written their memories of Grandma and shared pictures they had. All were printed and put in the tribute book.

The tables were set up in a t-shape in the middle of the gym. Mar put boxes in the middle and then put table cloths over the boxes so it looked a bit like a step-pyramid. She then put flowers she bought for Grandma and the food on the 'steps'.

Many people commented that Marilyn is 'AMAZING', and her creativity is astounding. They also commented about wanting her to do a 'professional party' for them.

What a fun day!



Wow!!! what a wonderful party. I'm sure it made grandma's 90th birthday so very special. I know you have a precious bond with her. I'm sure it was worth every effort you went to in planning, carrying out, and coming all the way from Texas. A special thank you for letting us spend a day with the children. They are the best.



The party was fantastic. Thanks for all you did at the party. It was great.
Grandma was so suprised. I love you.

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