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June 26, 2006



Happy Birthday to you!!! You are such a great husband to my best bud! Thanks for helping her on your special day. I know it meant the world to her.

Jonathan Lloyd

I had a great day! I hope the kids can forgive me for postponing their celebration for me.

I've been so blessed. I have marvelous parents who gave me a nearly ideal upbringing. I've had every opportunity to work and get a good education. I somehow managed to get Marilyn to look my way, and for some reason, she liked something she saw! She is my best friend and most trusted advisor... And I just like being with her!

Most importantly, I have been given the opportunity to be taught and learn about the joys of living a righteous life. Words cannot express how wonderful it is to live a good life and be surrounded by marvelous friends and family.

joan lloyd

wow!!! nice looking picture!!! i love you so much. we are so blessed to have you, mar and your wonderful family.
i'm doing well (for a lefty). so glad to see you all at dave's wedding. the pictures are fabulous, mar

love you forever


Happy Birthday! (42&32)
I like the picture of you,grandma and grandpa.


happy birthday dad!!
love ya!

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