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June 06, 2006



The graduation was fantastic. I loved it. thanks for graduating Karen.


I liked the look 4 Karen photo.


Who's the graduate? Oh...the one in the cap & gown! Marilyn, you look SO YOUNG in that picture with Karen! WOW! Haven't seen you since May 26th! I miss you! Waiting to hear all about your trips and parties, you animal. Call me when you can...I have Cingular now so we can talk for FREE!!
Oh...CONGRATULATIONS KAREN!!!!! (I'm an '86 Lewisville Fightin' Farmer Alumni). - Gayla


Hi Aunt Mar!

Those pictures turned out really well!!! My favorite was the "Where's Karen".... that is totally awesome!
I'm so glad that you guys were able to come to my graduation! You really made the day that much more special! Thank you so much for coming!
It looks like your trip to Utah was a blast! I hope you guys had fun!
Say hi to the whole family for me! I love you!


Jonathan Lloyd

It was so fun to see Karen graduate! What a classy young lady!

It is also a lot of fun to see my children making comments on the web log... kids, are you asking permission prior to getting online???

I am quite proud of myself for taking the picture of the two 'young' ladies! I think it turned out quite nice. Of course when you have quality starting material, it is pretty easy!

Thanks Karen for being a wonderful part of our lives!


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