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June 21, 2006



Too cute! I just love the conversation about Carlotta. Now really, if you had to choose, would you pick Carlotta or one of your rings? Hmmmmm.


Kids say the darndest things! And it so hilarious how they think we don't know what is going on under our noses...Travis asked me once how I knew what they were thinking or going to do before they did it and I said that when you have you first child you're suddenly blessed with a seventh "magic" sense! He believed me and they all still wonder if it's true!


I don't care what I get when you die. I want the ring and carlatta. If I get a ring I will want the critle one.
I love you

Jonathan Lloyd

Hmmm... wonder if Megan is wondering when I might die...

There are so many funny things kids say.

Megan called me at work last week:

"Hi Dad, this is Megan."

"Hello Megan, how are you?"

"Good. Dad, where are you?"

"I'm at work Megan"

Pause..."How come you don't get the summer off Dad?"

Good question... do you think Megan might give my boss a call?


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