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July 21, 2006



Oh man, I can't believe it either! I'm finally behind the wheel! Watch Out Everyone! Mom sure was right in saying that driving the mini was going to be fun. I had a blast! Driving is great!



I wish I could drive.;) even though I already have. :{)


I can't believe you are driving!!! When you left this state you were a little older than my Derek is now!! And how spoiled are you to be able to test in a mini...what fun! Congrats and good luck on the road.

Jonathan Lloyd

Did you notice the closed sign behind Nathan? His driving school always has the closed sign up, but it is always open. Wonder if there is a hidden message in that.

I still haven't accepted that Nathan is driving. Marilyn is handling it better than I, but I think I am still in denial...

I hear that no parking lot is safe with Nathan behind the wheel!

Nathan has always been a very responsible person, and I have no doubt that will carry over into how he approaches driving.

Thanks Mar for helping out our boy.


I have told Marilyn this before, but Nathan is EXACTLY the type of kid I would have had a HUGE crush on in school. Those boyish good looks, a great smile, responsible and respectful, and loves his family. I know he doesn't know me well, but I enjoy watching him grow and listening to his Mom boast about how amazing he is. Now he's driving. Look out road, look out world, because something great is on the way with this guy...

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