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July 21, 2006



I basically broke my back building that. =0


The path looks great. I love the look of flagstone too. Good job guys!!

Jonathan Lloyd

Glad to know that Ashton 'broke his back' building the path!!! (Are you sure it was building the path, or riding the wheelbarrow that broke the back Ashton?)

I was very happy with how it turned out! The front desk workers at the stone lot kept saying to me "You're back again? How's the project coming along?"

Guess I didn't fit in with their regular crowd.


Well, I'm back again to comment. Seems I have something to say about just about everything. Right now I'm thinking that Jonathan breaks his back all the time to make sure his family has the best of everything. I'm not talking about "bling" or "things", but the most treasures things like time, consideration, contemplation, good intention, and reflection. What a dad. Happy Anniversary. Thanks for being such an amazing husband to my friend. You Lloyds never cease to amaze me. You should have classes. Quit your jobs, I'll call Oprah!

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