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July 01, 2006



I love your red shirt.

I guess you like it too.

Jonathan Lloyd

My lady in red.

Marilyn does look good in red. She also looks good in white, and in blue. She's an all American girl!

Two other comments:

1 - If Marilyn hadn't pointed out that she is wearing the same shirt in all those pictures, I don't think I would have ever made the connection. She is very tuned into what is going on... and boy am I grateful!

2 - Did you notice in two of the four pictures she posted she is holding a little child? She loves and helps so many children! Fun fun fun!


Red is one of my favorites too. You know what? You are gorgeous in whatever you wear! As far as the shirt goes, why mess with a good thing!

Stacy Frisbie

Yes Jonathan, I did notice that 2 pictures she was holding children. One of them is mine, so I'm pretty astute huh? She does pick up on all of these small things. I don't even notice a lot of things till she points them out to me. I love that she helps me to see things in new ways. Like the fact that like her shirt, I was wearing my maternity jeans way too often, and for way too long after I had that cute little noodle in the picture with her!!!

Love you Marilyn!



When you got it you got it. When you wear that shirt you got it! (The shirt is red afterall). Just for the record, the last three times I saw you, you wore that shirt. September, November and in May. Please be sure to bring it to Georgia this month! Love, Louise


I love your red shirt too mom!! But, not as much as I love you!!

You are the best mom ever, no matter how much you wear one of my favorites of your shirts! I love you tons!!!


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