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August 10, 2006



I am so sorry that you are blue! I know how much you loved working at Isbell. I don't know why the right choices are sometimes the hardest to make. I guess we are supposed to learn and become a stronger person because of them, but it doesn't make it any easier. I hope you can feel my hug over the miles!


It was fun going to Isbell for two years, To see all my old freinds and metting new ones on the other side of town, I also loved going to the same scholl as you. it was fun!!!


Oh, Marilyn, I know how much you loved your job...

Still, you will be

Coming home to heal.

Coming home to love.

Coming home to savor the last few years with your kids.

There is a time and season for all things.

Now, it sounds like, is your time to come home.

I can't imagine a better place to be.

Emily Baca

I remember that picture. Don't be sad that you quit your job, because it's okay. I love you Mar. Emily Baca


It's hard coming back to work without you! There is definitely something missing, your warm smile, your infectious goodness, your enthusiasm for children. All of that will be missed. I'm just glad that we've become such good friends that I don't have to miss you altogether. You're the best thing that has come out of this job for me, and we're all truly going to miss you, and Julia says she misses you even before school starts. I'm glad you chose the best thing for you. I'm not going to lie though, I'm going to miss taking care of your kiddos, and visiting regularly in the office. Whew. I'm going to cry if I think about it too much. Thanks for everything. The staff, parents, and especially the children will miss you.

Much love and admiration,

Jonathan Lloyd

My sweet Mar.

I am so grateful so many children (young and old) got to aquainted with the wonderful world of MAR! She kind of grows on you huh?

Marilyn has a special gift with children. They seem to automatically have a link with her. I will miss all of the many stories of her daily interactions...

We really were hoping some other arrangement would come together, but it didn't. :(

Sending an e-bouquet to you...



Oh my, all of your comments have left me with a bucket full of tears!

I could barely see the screen while reading your sweet thoughts, then I get to my husband's bouquet...ONLY AN ENGINEER! I love it!

Thank you my kind friends!

Joan Lloyd

Dear Mar:

I don't know what to say. I only read what has been said and see what a difficult decision you had to make. I know, however, that you didn't make it lightly. Blessings will come in unexpected ways. You are a light to many people, including me.


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