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August 03, 2006



This is one of the best birthdays. I can't till Joe's!
thanks for all the fun stuff and I love you,
=) <];}

Jonathan Lloyd

What a happy day!!! Smash is now in double digits and all of his major limbs are still in tact!

Ashton had a hard time getting here! The nurse at the hospital was convinced that Marilyn did not need anesthetic and sitting in a whirlpool bath would help her with labor, boy was she a NUT (the nurse)... she should have been fired!

Well... shortly after Marilyn lost her mind and a janitor helped us find a doctor, Smash came along... he was a bit blue, but soon was eating and kicking and making us all laugh!

I also remember that he had a very unique crawl - he looked like a frog, he would draw up both feet simultaneously, then kick his whole body forward as do it again as fast as he could.

We love him.

Happy birthday Ashton!!


Hey Smash! You made it to 10 years old. I heard about your fun night at Joe's! What fun to fly like Superman and have everyone sing to you on your special day. Happy Birthday from all of us in Colorado!

Travis & Derek

Now that you are older, be careful not to "smash" into bigger things or get bigger injuries! Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday baby! (Seriously, this is what he said!)


Happy Birthday Ashton! My little Matthew reminds me a bit of you -- hopefully he'll be just like you when he hits double digits. You're a great kid.

Joan Lloyd

Thank goodness we got our computer back. Ashton!!!! everyone sure does love you. You are the funnest, funninest, fastest, fiercest, fabulous, fantastic guy I know. I'm certainly lucky to have a grandson like you. You make me smile. I'm happy you had such a wonderful birthday.

Love you. . .
Grandma Joan


Happy Birthday Smash! I'm going to miss you this year, and I'm not sure how student council will manage without you!

Nurse Frisbie


I miss you, Smash!!! Come see me at our new house and count the fish.

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