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August 22, 2006




What a blessing it is to have the opportunity to be your father. You are a marvelous individual!

I too cannot believe you are already 16! Wow!

I remember how 'everyone loved Nathan' when you were a baby. You kind of came in a package where you looked like a boy, but talked and acted like you were all grown up!

You used to straddle the couch arm, and pretend you were riding your 'horse' while watching your favorite movie "The Man From Snowy River".

You also were very kind to your mom. You would always watch over her when she was sick. And rub her back when she had morning sickness.

I remember taking you to many church leadership meetings. All the adults loved having you there and were amazed at how attentive you were and quiet through the long meetings.

Thanks Nathan! You have many, many things to look forward to in your future.




Hey I recognize that horse!! However, my favorite picture is most definitely the one with my three cousins pulling faces!
Nathan, you're awesome!! I hope you've had the best of days, you deserve it!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!


Grandma Joan

Dear Nathan:

When you have a grandson like Nathan, how do you say grateful?

G. Good
R. Really genuine
A. Absolutely Awesome
T. Thanks for such a grandson
E. Exact, Enduring, Excellent
F. Friendly, Fantastic
U. Unbelievable, Unique
L. Loving, Likable

All of these and so much more. I am so proud of you!!!

Yes, Nathan, and I am GRATEFUL for you!!!

Grandma Joan


Hey Nathan!! Happy Birthday and what a great birthday it is. 16...I can't believe it!! I wish we could have been closer to help you celebrate but know that we send our love and happy wishes from Colorado!!

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