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September 27, 2006



To tell you the truth, we have never discussed this, but you could believe in a tooth fairy God and I would respect it. Offend someone with your spirituality? Wow, that makes me sad to even imagine. It's part of you! Even an atheist can see the beauty of the human spirit when it shines. Divine in the purest of ways are your intentions and actions. No matter what someone else's personal relationship with God or their higher power is, they should embrace the spiritual gift you hold in your heart which makes you and your family so very beautiful. I thank God for you all the time. You make peoples' souls smile. I'm glad you were touched by Nathan's spiritual maturation, now that's a precious moment!


What a wonderful experience!

Nathan asked me to join him for his first experience administering the sacrament. What a privilege to stand beside my son at such a sacrad venue.

I felt very humbled and grateful, what a marvelous experience to be a father to such a wonderful son.


I think about that time when it will come for me. I was weepy eyed when Travis passed the sacrament for the first time, so I'll probably lose it on the next step. I still can't believe Nathan is 16!!! I HATE being so far from you! And by the way, It's a mom's privilege to get weepy eyed whenever we feel the need. Love, Kim


This is a beautiful entry. I felt privileged to read it and to imagine in my mind my son and grandson administering the sacrament together. The sacrament is precious to me. My spirit and heart are so very grateful for such a wonderful family.



Wow! Thank you for sharing this. I know the feeling you are speaking of having a son bless the sacrament. What a sweet memory.

Macady is being baptized on Nov. 11. She has asked Skyler to baptize her since her dad can't. If he accepts, I've wondered how am I going to feel hearing his voice and watching my baby be baptized! I get teary-eyed just thinking about it...

Love you,

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