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September 14, 2006



OK, OK, I get the message! And I am really looking forward to 'the list'. I've been waiting years and years for 'the list' but Mar has a fundamental philosophical disageeement with 'lists'.

Mar, I am truly sorry that you've had such a painful week, and even more sorry I've not been there to help you. I am getting ready to head to the airport and am looking forward to meeting my list, I'll have pencil and paper ready!

Hang in there! Let us help...

Love you,


Emi - thanks for taking care of the cobweb
Megan - thanks for taking care of Mom.


I don't have a problem with lists for myself. I like to take care of things on my own.

I don't like making them for others, that is true.

Thanks for saying that YOU will have a pencil and paper ready, I'm glad you recognize that the tasks for you are in my head.


Hey you...sorry to hear about your pain. I too have horrible back problems and can oh so relate. When you are a "get it done" kind of person, it is so aggravating to be stuck in bed or be movement inhibited! I wish I were there to help you out, but it sounds like you have a multitude of people rallying around you to save the day. You are in my prayers. Love, Kim


i like the its relly starting to BUG! and I'LL BE BACK!;) ha ha


I am sorry you hurt your back and I really want to help you!!
You are a wonderful mom and I love you very much!!!
I love you lots!!


Dear Marilyn:

Sorry I didnt' get this message sooner. I do hope you are feeling better day by day. Lloyds have bad backs, and it looks like Rich's do too. David called last night and said he had hurt his back at work. I hope he is OK. Take care so as not to injure it again.

You are so great and your family and friends are so supportive. I love you.


What a story. Megan is a little angel the way she took care of you at the store and helping you home. I just wish I was there to help you get better and give you a dose of Baca phyiscal therapy. Oh well, I know you are in good hands. Enjoy your time resting and letting your body heal. Love, Louise

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