September 19, 2006



I am in denial. It can't be happening...

Emily, you've grown up much too fast. Seems like just the other day we were all praying for your mom when she was very, very ill. We had no idea that you were a very special part of those prayers. Soon Nathan was rubbing his Mom's back as she was very sick, then you arrived, and what a miracle you were! Healthy and happy and content! You seem to have always had a self assurance that you were headed in the right direction and you were doing what you were meant to do.

Kicking your shoes off in the car and crying at your Mom to open the window in the coldest cold of Vermont came next! You didn't cry for too long, because before we knew what hit us, you were speaking! It seems like you were speaking on the 2nd day we brought you home from the hospital...and you've had plenty to say ever since ;)

I am so grateful to a part of your life! You are truly a very special young lady and have chosen marvelous role models to pattern your life.

Happy 14th birthday.

I am proud of you!



Cynthia Peterson

Happy Birthday Emily,

You truly are a wonderful young woman who will do many great things. I have always loved the part in the Wizard of Oz where the wicked witch is melting and says something like "What a world, what a world, to think one good little girl like you could destroy all my beautiful wickedness". I am sure satan shakes in his boots when you are near...keep it up and know we love and miss you!

The ABC's


Dear Emily:

I looked at the pictures in the weblog and you looked so beautiful. You have grown up right before my eyes. I feel so close to you and know you have a special way about you with a lot to do and accomplish in this life. What a lucky grandmother I am to have such a beautiful, lovely grandaughter inside and out. That is very special. Not many young women have such beauty, caring, and loving as you do, and I love being in your presence. (I think everybody does).

Happy Birthday, Emily

I love you tonz

Grandma Joan


I'm sorry this is coming late today... the weblog entry is going to tell you that I missed your birthday, but I didn't! I'm an hour behind you, so it is still your birthday!
Emily, you look beautiful! I love the pictures that are posted here. I can't believe you are getting to be so old! I wish that I could have been there today to wish you a marvelously wonderful birthday! You are all the wonderful things that anyone has ever said about you. There are not many people out there who are as remarkable as you are! Truly, you are so AWESOME!!! I have a picture of you in my dorm room, and people often think that the picture of you is me when I was younger. They tell I look just like you. What a compliment to be associated with someone as incredible as you are! I love you, Emily, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I am so glad that you are my cousin, and I miss you but I hope that you're having an absolute blast! Remember that you have my phone number, and if it's ok with Aunt Mar, you can call me whenever! I would love to hear from you!

Love you bunches and bunches!!!!



Happy b-day!
I love you!


Thanks everyone for all the great comments!!
I had a great birthday and everything was okay with band.
You are all awesome!! I love you tons!
~Love Emi~~


Emily is as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside. We wish you a happy birthday Emi! Fourteen years, my how time flies. I remember the first time I saw Emily at church, she was just baptized and they welcomed her as the newest member of the ward. She still has that sweet glow now like she did then and since she is a teenager now that is saying alot.
Love, Louise


Sorry for being a day late on the Happy Birthday wishes, but they still come to you with the same feeling! I can't believe how beautiful you have become. You look so much like your mom and she's a beauty too. When you left Colorado you were only seven or eight. Wow! Souns like your day was a great one! It's fun to have a day each year that is all about you!! Love, Kim


Hi Emily in Texas. We have the same name except mine is spelled different. Happy Birthday. Mine is by Christmas. You are pretty. Love, Emilee


Happy Birthday to Matthew's FAVORITE babysitter!

You are definitely a special girl.


Oh my...I have cried all the way through this blog! Marilyn, you have such a sweet family and you love them so much...SO DO I!
Emily, I know this is already October 16th, but I do hope you had a great birthday. Your mom is always making everyone's special day REALLY SPECIAL.

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