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October 15, 2006



The gift to understand the privilege of being a member of the human family is occasionally poured out in such great measure upon an individual that that person, without training or study, intuitively and instinctively reaches out, gathers the precious treasures of eternity and weaves them together in a stunning celestial pattern, and in the process changes lives and generations for the eternities.

I have somehow managed to marry such a person.

Thank you Marilyn.




Oh, Marilyn, if only you knew how many people your kindness and inner beauty touches and "changes for good." You have such great capacity to love. I'm honored to be one of your friends.


First of all . . . did Jonathan come up with that on his own??? Wow! Not only is what he wrote absolutely beautiful, but it is absolutely true. I am a better friend, mother, sister, daughter, wife . . . because of your influence in my life.

I love you, Mar!


p.s. This is the first comment I've ever posted to a blog. I hope that I did it right!?!


"True" friendship is the greatest gift any of us can receive in this lifetime. I was blessed with this gift when you entered my life!! I love you dearly. I love your snorty laugh, your understanding, your funny jokes, your great advice, your sense of humor, your fantastic ideas and your beautiful smile. I feel sad that it took us so long to find each other and yet I am so excited that we have a lifetime and more to share with each other. Thank you for YOUR friendship!

Love, Kim


You will never know how much you have touched my life. The lessons you have taught me not only in words but through your actions, will always stay with me. Thank you so much for your friendship and example.



What a beautful and touching entry/entries(I love them all). I am so happy your Cana's are blooming and it is so fun to see your beautiful family and all the great things they are doing. Things are hectic. The day I got your last e-mail they showed up out of the blue to re-paint the house the right color, we just got back from a ward Nauvoo Temple trip that was wonderful, I finished the primary program and head to Utah this week to help my Mom with her move. I met a friend in Switzerland who wants me to do some part time work in PT...I am thinking about it, but really want to be able to Journal like you do. Not sure if I can do everything or where I should spread myself. Any advice? Are you still working? I can't believe Nathan is passing the sacrament and Em got asked out. I am so glad Smash and Meg like their teachers. I worked so hard to get that sidewalk, I hope the kids are using it. We love and miss you all:) Give the kids a squeeze...

All my love and admiration,


Stacy Frisbie

Thank you so much for the gift you brought me at school today, oh, and for the stuff you brought too! Every little detail you think of! For those wondering what I'm talking about, I told Marilyn on Saturday that we're expecting another baby. She came to school today, with pink and blue frisbees, balloons, baby bottles, booties, a sweet gift card, and a sign in the shape of a frisbee which says, "Is a Pink or a Blue Frisbie Flyin In?" Thanks. You touch my heart always...

Stacy - again

Oh, one more thing. Jonathan, that's one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard! It really should be a greeting card. Send it in to Hallmark!


Dear Mar:

Thank you so much for considering me as a friend. A mother-in-law is seldom looked upon as a friend, and yet, Friendship?? I think of you in the same way. You have brought into our family a whole new element of beauty. Everywhere you go beauty follows, in your home, in your relationships and in your life. Those flowers are beautiful, and so are you.


Do you have another admirer by the name of Jonathan??? WOW!!!


Hey Mar,

What a nice tribute. I read it and really started missing you. I can't believe how big the kids have gotten. Emily 14????? She was in diapers and dancing on my kitchen table just a few years ago.And is Nathan driving? Unbelievable.You are a very creative and interesting writer. You could turn "Let them be little "into a book. Think about it. love ya,Resa


I loved how you put the music on this weblog!
I love that song!
You are so special and such a good friend to everyone!!!
I love you tons!!


Well, I have to admit I am a little jealous of your writing skills. You definitely have a gift! Oh, and speaking of missing you... I hope that you truly know how much everyone at Isbell misses you. You will always be "the face of Isbell" to me! I am also very thankful that you consider me a friend, and am very thankful that you are my friend. I can only hope that I am as good a mom as you are too... what a great example you set. The blog where you wrote about Smash bringing in a photo of the 2 of you is very heart-warming, something any future mom would hope for!!


Good grief...you have made me an emotional wreck tonight. This blog is so you. You always appreciate everyone and you let them know in the most significant ways. I think you're great. I wish I could find the note I gave you for your 40th birthday. If you find it, post it.
Mar, you're the greatest. And guess what, I think I might be losing weight since I don't see you as often as I used to! (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).
Love ya!


This blog makes me miss Texas.... I love it here, but Texas really is great!
I also miss my favorite Lloyd family! I loved getting to spend time with you this summer; I think that you are one of the most wonderful people the world has to offer, and I enjoyed getting to know you better and learn from you. I can't wait until Christmas when I get to see you all again!

Love you!




The flowers are beautiful just like you. You are truly the kind of friend everyone wants to have and love. I love you and our friendship. I will always remember hearing the song For Good for the first time at the play with you, it also made me cry. You certainly have touched my life for good and it makes me happy to think that maybe I have touched yours too.

Love, Louise


That was so sweet. Thank you. I am honored to be your friend. You are a star.

Marilyn, you are so gifted at expressing yourself. I love your typepad.

Love to you-- Valerie


That was beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
Please tell Smash and Megan that I miss them and can't wait to see them.
I am up working on my homework and tears came to my eyes when I saw their pictures. Those two have a very special place in my heart!
I talked to Kelene and I think we will be coming over there at some point on Halloween.

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