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October 09, 2006



Leaders... what a compliment!

I am so grateful for the events that have helped Ashton and Megan with the transition to the new school.

I suppose diamonds shine bright no matter what the background!

It is a tremendous blessing that Marilyn is so involved in the details of each of our children's lives. I am also very thankful that I have children that are much more confident in their abilities than I ever was.

Some day you might want to ask Grandma Joan about my talent of hiding behind the piano during school.

I am deeply grateful for a son that recognizes what is truly important in this life! Smash... you figured out at a very young age what is much more valuable than GOLD!!

"I love you guys!!!"



Wow! What awesome kids! It is so wonderful to hear things such as these from other people so that we, as parents, know that what is being taught at home is actually sinking in. And then there is the strengths that they are just born with that shine through. I am happy to hear that Smash and Megan are doing great in their new school!!


P.S. Smash, I think your mom is more valuable than gold too!!


I am so glad that I have been an exsample to my class. I have had an awesome time at Pink.(not as good as Isbell)It has been fun meeting new people and having fun. I love my teacher and what she has been teaching us. I have been spending most of my life at Isbell. I had alot of spirit and fun. At Pink we do Friday Morning live. It is okay but I like Isbells idea better. our song gos like everydays a spesial day at pink. We learn and grow and find our way at Pink. Parent, Teacher, sister, brother we find our way to help eachother there could never be another Pink.......................................... I have It memorised but who likes pink better than Isbell? i have no Idea. I like isbell better than pink.but it is just an opinon.mrs lemons is halaros.mr. nickle is ok. i can go on and on but I dont have time. I love Isbell.
your friend Megan


Dear Marilyn:

How blessed you are to have a son who loves you so much. Treasure this "pure gold" memory in your heart. Most children wouldn't even think of doing what Ashton did. Of course, most kids don't have such a beautiful mom, either.
Yes, when Jonathan was in Kindergarten he did hide behind the piano when he was suppose to share his "Show and Tell". He was my "pure gold" in his own quiet way. Jonathan will be mad at me, but as his mom, and I'm grateful to say what I feel and what I know is true. I love you, Jonathan.



Megaroo! You crack me up! I'm glad you "leader" kids have transitioned well. I bet your nurse at pink is not nearly as cool either! Ha ha. Isbell misses their leaders. It's not the same without Megan and Smash or Marilyn. They each have such a presence, when you get the whole family together they're sure to blow everyone away! That must be why got spread them apart far enough to give lots of schools a little Lloyd light...


Meagan and Smash I'm very proud of you. Of course I'm not surprised your are adjusting and doing so well at your new school Pink or Knip as Ashton would put it. I love the picture Ashton took to school of the two of you Mar. Remember, Tucker and I went with you that night to the Mother/Son Dance, "good times". That made me really miss all of you. Did you go to the Mother/Son Dance this year?

You are all jewels.

Love, Louise

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