November 01, 2006



We had a blast with the Lloyd family on Halloween! They really know how to throw a monster party! The donuts were great, and the kids had such a fun time. We will definitely remember this year as a favorite Halloween experience!!! Thanks Smash and Megaroo for flying us to funland!


What great pictures of a great time together!

Halloween has become such a fun tradition at our house thanks to Mar. We continue to celebrate my Grandmother's marvelous tradition of homemade donuts! Mar has added to that the tradition of fun and creative costumes! We've had M&Ms, face cards, candy bars, Harry-Potter spiders, airplanes, all kinds of non-traditional, fun costumes.

Thanks for all who came and a special thanks to the heart of our home!



What great costumes! Megan and Smash you look great! Smash, when I say cool I'm talking about you babe. Mar great job as always. The Baca's sure missed the Lloyd's this Halloween. I hope you ate some donuts for us. Maybe next year we can use our super powers and fly over to your place.


Wow Mar, you did it again! Such creativity! I always hear about these Halloween donuts. I hope someday we get to enjoy the tasty treats (as I know they will be). Smash and Megan, you guys look great!! What fun...


Wow!!! what a great Halloween. Those costumes are unbelievable. What fun the Texas Lloyds have. I wish we weren't so far away. I feel I miss out on the wonderful things most mothers and grandmothers see every day. Thanks for the pictures. They mean a lot.


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