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November 16, 2006



So what does the new "digs" look like? I'm sure your mom made it extremely "cool" because she has such a great imagination! I'm glad you are feeling better. your body knows best when it is time to take a break. Life can get a little crazy and we don't always take time to just breath! I'm glad you are smiling again!


There are clues to what it looks like in the blog. "Hang and PARADISE"


Dear Nathan:

I hope you are feeling better. You are such a great young man. I admire you in so many ways. You've got the important things in life. I'm proud of you

Grandma Joan


Ok, like the others, I'm dying to see pictures of the room! I'm hoping you'll put them on soon.
Mar, don't you love being home? There are many times I wish I could do the same. Even though my salary is small, it's helping as we transition into this new home. I figure my salary pays the taxes and a car payment. Oh yeah, and all of those checks to the schools and PTA!!! Did you see the price of those letter jackets?! YOWZA!

Y'all have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Love ya! -Gayla


Nathan has the coolest room ever! A hammock, palm tree, bamboo, a screen door, you have to see it to believe it!!

Love you Nathan,


Lexi Baca

Dear Nathan,
You look great playing your tuba! I am pretty sure your new room is really cool! Miss u lots.

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