November 07, 2006



Even though I have never met Stacy, I know so much about her through you, Mar. She is a great friend to you. I will keep her in my prayers also. I can only imagine what a miscarriage feels like. I have many a friend who has experienced it and my heart always goes out to them. Stacy sounds like she has been blessed with a strong spirit, great heart and sound mind. Wonderful blessings from a God who loves her.


Awww! That's so nice of you Marilyn! I'm actually blushing (and it's pretty hard to get me to blush). Also, I've never met you Kim, but how kind of you, I always think "friends of mar" should start a club and have regular meetings to discuss her greatness, but now I really want to meet you even more! Ha ha. On a serious note, "that which does not kill you can only make you stronger". I believe it, and have seen some horrific things in my life working with critically ill children. Many people would be hardened by that, and sometimes it's hard to keep the right perspective. I will probably not have to live through some situations which I saw others go through which can only be explained as a hell on earth. They're the strong ones. They are the ones who make me see life so sweetly. Marilyn, you're really too much. I appreciate your generosity of spirit! Oh, by the way, Ginger and I are planning a slumber party soon, attendance is mandatory. Ha ha, Stay tuned!!! LOVE YOU AND YOUR SWEET FAMILY!!!

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