November 09, 2006



Wow. Contemplation is a beautiful thing. To reflect on what you're about to do in order to make the best choices. You take the best parts of the past and weave them with learning experiences and individualize to the particular situation and moment. You have learned to make an art of it. Sorry I wasn't able to meet the great Grandma Lloyd, sounds like I really missed out...


What a wonderful legacy she left behind! And a wonderful donut recipe too (it sounds like, at least, since I have never had the pleasure of tasting them first hand). What a fun Halloween tradition that has evolved over time into a grand party! I know I say it all of the time, but I hope someday I too will be able to participate in and have fun at the Lloyds on Halloween!


This is the sweetest tradition and the nicest tribute to your grandmother. Not many can say they carry on such a wonderful family traditions. The Baca's sure missed being at the Lloyd's this halloween and sharing friendship and donuts.


I am so grateful for the marvelous weaving of traditions Marilyn brings to our lives.

Traditions are a powerfully important part of life. They anchor us to one another. What a marvelous blessing it is to me to have a lady with marvelous insight, dedication, energy and life that breathes life and builds love into everything she does.

It takes a lot of energy to fill a home with life, memories and love!

Much of modern culture is about drive-thru, throw-away, bargain-shop, quick-fix philosophy. Shallow roots lead to shallow memories.

Marilyn - thank you for your dedication and energy to plant deep roots that are creating a wellspring for the children!

I'm sure Grandma Lloyd looks down, smiles, laughs and cheers you on!!

Thank you,



Dear Marilyn:

I made grandmother's donuts all the years that my children were growing up. As they went on their way, the donuts did too. They haven't been forgotten. You have passed it on and made it a tradition.I am so very grateful to you. I can't find my recipe. Maybe you could send it to me.

Yes, Ben's mother was the most beautiful woman I have ever known. I would love to become like her, but that's an eternal goal. She is the epitomy of love. She was always making something to give away, not small things, but quilts, afghans, hand made rugs, but most of all she made wonderful memories, not just of herself but with her husband, Harries. He always had a joke to tell. He caught me off guard more than once. I love their son, (Grandpa Ben.) so much. She has raised a wonderful family. She has given all of us an example of Christlike love. I know she is happy. I miss her, but I can feel her love often.


P. S. (That will be fine)!!! she always said those words, and they were.


I really don't know where the tradition of the donuts began. I can't remember any other aunts or uncle families doing it. I don't think grandmother Ashton did it either, so maybe mom started it on her own. All I remember is how much I loved eating them! Thanks for the beautiful tribute to my mother.

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