December 30, 2006



Way to go Mudgy Megaroo! Looks like the long treks to the doctor all those times really paid off! I'm very very happy, and hope I get to test your eyes just once to see the improvement for myself!!! WOW, that's the best present ever! Love your little Lloyd family, can't wait to see what happens in 2007. Thank you all for the ever-growing and nurturing friendship you have given as a gift for the Frisbie family. We love you!!!


Oh, Megan...I'm SO PROUD of you in so many ways! The improvement your mom described in your eyes made me cry!!!!! Now I can't see through the tears!!! And the handful of medals you won in gymnastics...WOW! The largest gold you got at home must mean the most to you, though. Having a loving family that supports you like they do is priceless. I love you, Little Megaroo! I MISS YOU!


I love to see good things happen to good people.

It sounds like the Lloyds have been enjoying lots of GREAT things.

"Wicked" Christmas

Improving Health

Lots of Success

I can't think of a nicer family for all of those good things to bless.

I hope 2007 holds even more great stuff in store for you.


Your fam is the best. I Miss, Miss, Miss you!! Congratulations on your medals in gymnastics, Megan. But the best present and win is the improvement in your eyes. How wonderful! Heavenly Father is sure blessing you. Sounds like the whole family has had a great holiday season. I'm sure 2007 will bring more blessings and beautiful things for the Lloyd family.


December was very very packed!

We feel very blessed that Megan's eyesight has improved so much!

Bemmer-bo, you are such a joy and have so many talents!

Smash, you are awesome dude, I never did have the courage to be in choir!

Nathan, isn't it nice to have a few more pounds than last year?

Mar, thanks for taking all these marvelous pictures and for putting these posts together!


Louise Baca

The talent from the Lloyd family is dripping off the computer as I read your blog! Congratulations to all but especially to Megan for your Christmas Miracle with your eyes. It seems all those trips to the eye doctor and time you spent exercising your eyes really paid off. You continue to be amazing, like being a gymnast with no depth perception (of course that is changing, thank heaven). I understand no depth perception because I hit the house, trip, fall down the stairs. I am proud of you and how you rise above whatever life sends your way. The Baca family misses the Lloyd family and are grateful that you share your blog with us! Love, Louise

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