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December 17, 2006


Louise Baca

I do understand how you feel. With all the wonderful things you do with and for your family I truly believe they will remember it all. This is the best holiday yet, because this is the one you are in right now!
Love, Louise


Dear Marilyn:

Your children will remember, because I remember so many of the things that you have done. That's what memories are all about. Aren't you glad you have your web log where your memories are there now and forever. Life has many different phases (challenging and beautiful). Each phase is a learning experience. I am still learning.

I am so grateful to this great "Lloyd family" that I have. You are great examples to many.



Hi Aunt Mar!
I'm almost home! Just a few more days!! Are you doing okay? I haven't heard from you in a while; I know you are busy, but I hope that you are doing alright!
I love you!



Hear that big sucking sound?? I just got my head above water enough to read Marilyn's weblog.

Thanks Mar for your continual vigilance to keep the spirit of Christmas.

We have marvelous children and that is their mother's fault!

Sometimes going all the places HE would go is not easy and often tiring, but that's the call isn't it? I suppose sometimes we forget to look around and see that HE is there also.

Love you all,


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