January 03, 2007



Fantastic and detailed pictures of your rocket-filled day. What a great idea. We love rockets too. They are alot of fun to play with. Sorry Megan that your rocket blew up. Bummer! You did a great job of decorating though, as did everyone. Fun, Fun, Fun!!


This was so much fun!!

The wind was really blowing, so we weren't sure whether we should go ahead.

We made a first attempt and tilted the launch guide toward the wind. It worked great! Soon everyone wanted to launch their rocket.

Nathan had the first mishap - when the engine kicked off the nose cone and parachute, it also kicked off the rubber band, so the rocket fell to the ground while the nose cone and parachute floated north, we think it landed in Oklahoma.

We then launched Mar's mini-rocket (Mar likes red Minis). The launch sequence went - whoosh - then everyone saying at the same time..."where did it go?" We thought it reached escape velocity.

Then Megan's - a perfect launch - then "boom" the bottom and tail fins explode!!

What a fun time!

We then launched my small rocket, with the same result as Mar's. We searched all over - finally someone went to look at the 'badmiton in the grass' and realized it was a rocket! What a discovery!

So we put in a stronger engine, the same as for Mar's mini red rocket - and re-launched to see if we could get escape velocity. Unfortunately, it returned to the earth, but fortunately we found Mar's mini-red a few yards away!

So I guess the space shuttle won't run into a little red rocket any time soon!


Louise Baca

What a great idea, no surprise coming from Mar. I have a few comments, like I love Johnathan's shirt, glad to see Bitty showed up for blast off, sorry Megan's wings came off, thank heavens for brothers to save the day and find them even though they came off. Love the pics, it's so good to see you all so happy.

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