January 23, 2007



I love that song, too! Grit -- sometimes life requires a lot of it.

(The whole new Rascal Flatts CD is pretty awesome, and I'm not really even a big country fan -- good stuff.)



These photos are excellent! I am listening to the music right now.

I am always blown away by how you tie all the media together.

A year and 20 pounds make a big difference!


I am so proud of how hard you work and that you give your all at everything you undertake. You are an exceptional young man.


PS. Mar, If you happen to run into a chair because someone turned out all the lights and you bruise your leg.... and it's all you can take, Just STAND!!


What's with the chair comment from JD? Anyway, good job Nathan! You have come along way in a year!! Way to go...
I love Rascal Flats even though I'm not huge into country. They are a great group with great and meaningful songs. And as usual, you have just the right things to say, Mar!


I guess I need to make sense out of the 'dark' comment left by JD.

He left me in the dark last night, literally. He went to bed, shut off the lights on his way to bed and left things JUST as they were while turning out the lights.

I had been mopping the floor in the dining room so I had all of the chairs pulled out from the table and scattered around. One such chair was in the middle of the doorway going from point A to point B.

All of you know me well enough to know that I would not be walking slowly through the house looking for light switches along the way...


I am more of a bounder! I was on a bit of a run, not a dead run, more like a skip/jog sort of thing...when

WAM! I ran smack dab into the dining room chair, hitting my ankle, knee and ribs.

I didn't let it get me down though....

still standing!

Louise Baca

Very impressive Nathan, and check out those bulging muscles, WOW! I thought the whole entry was very cool, even the song.

Granma Joan

Dear Nathan:

That very first picture reminded me so much of your dad, tears welled in my eyes. Yes, you do know how to stand tall, no matter what size you are. Wrestling is a very demanding sport. I'M PROUD OF YOU!!!

Wrestling fan and Grandma

Granma Joan

Dear Marilyn:

GREAT PICTURES !!! Are they from you new digital??? I loved the whole work of art, music and all. Thanks so much.

P.S. Sorry about your leg. I've done the same thing, many times.


Dude! Nathan, you are so cool! Those pics are so awesome! Of course, what makes them so good is you! Congrats on doing so well, and being so awesome.
I really enjoyed getting to spend time with you (and everyone else)during Christmas break; I only wish I could spend even more time with you all!
Anyway, hope all is going well for you and the rest of your family!
I love and miss you all!



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