February 05, 2007



It had been way too long since we've seen Bryan and Resa!

Thanks for coming all the way to Texas and bringing a little Vermont weather with you!

Hope it's not too long until we see you again!


PS. This afternoon I called the manager of the Hampton Inn and really lost my cool with her.... the papa bear in me got a bit out of control

Grandma Sherril

I can't believe how good Bryan and Resa look!!! They have been such good friends to Marilyn, Jonathan and family. We really appreciate them so much. I'm glad that they were able to travel to Dallas for a visit. Nothing so great as good friends. Thanks for your support all of the years during the time Marilyn and Jonathan were in Vermont and since. We love you for that.
Grandma Sherril

Louise Baca

What a great time with friends! I just have to ask, is this your way of announcing your getting a horse and starting another hobby? You are a jack of all trades Mar. I don't think there is anything you can't do.


Aww, I am sorry I didn't get to meet your friends. I meant to call you on Monday, but Monday was crazy busy at school, and then before I knew it Wednesday was here. I hope they had a great time in Frisco and Katy. They had the best hosts ever!


Thank you ever so much for having Bryan and me for nearly a week. It was a wonderful trip for us. We so loved getting to know the kids again. Mar and Jonathan are still the same wonderful people. A bit older and wiser, but genuine and totally awesome to be with. Good friends are so hard to find. We treasure the Lloyds.I am so glad we came and even the snow didn't dampen the festive feeling. I shall never forget the weekend in Katy with Mar,Carlotta, and Clinton Anderson.I really like "Big Ole Texas"!Thanks a bunch Marilyn and Jonathan. You two are the best.

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