February 07, 2007


Heather Darrington

What a great tribute to a great man! I've always loved and respected both of your parents and have known I could depend on them. Thanks so much to Burnell for the friend he has been to my dad. I know how much my dad loves and admires him--and makes him laugh! My dad is never happier than when he's with his own family. Happy birthday, Burnell! Love, Heather


You have made me happy every time I go there. When we go fishing and cetch fish you have made me happy. When I go to Utah and I vist you, you brighten up my day.
Grandpa, you bring brightness into my hearts. I love you sooooo much. Happy Birthday!








Grandma Sherril

What a neat tribute to your dad. Everything you said is true. He is such a sweetheart and such a good husband. I have wondered how I could have such a wonderful husband. He is the greatest.


You are a wonderful person and I love you very much!
You deserve a fantastic birthday!
I love you tons Grandpa!!!

~Love Emi


Happy birthday Burnell!

What a privilege it is for me to lay some claim to you by marraige!

You have always been someone I have tried to emulate.

Thank you for raising such a marvelous daughter and giving me your permission and blessing to ask for her hand.

The Rich legacy is a marvelous legacy to be a part of.



Happy Birthday, Grandpa!
I have always looked up to you, Grandpa. I admire everything about you.
I remember once, when I was little, you told me that if anyone should ask me how I was doing, I should say, "Pretty good." Your reasoning for me was that I was both pretty and good. Every time I say it, I think of you.
I am so glad that I got the chance to spend Thanksgiving with you and Grandma. I love you both so very much, and I really enjoyed getting to know you both better. I try to be someone that you will be proud of, because you are a wonderful example to me. Thank you for loving me, and sharing your testimony with me. But most of all, thank you for being my grandfather!
I love you very very much! I hope that you had a wonderful birthday, and I really hope to see you again, soon!


Louise Baca

What a great Dad you have! "Nicer", what a great thing to say about your dad.

Father/Daughter relationships are awesome. So glad you are a Daddy's girl too Mar!


I have never met your Dad, but boy do I want to now. I sat and tearfully read your post today. I imagined you as a little girl, telling some boy no, and winking at your Dad in the background. I imagined not only how wonderful your father must have been, but your mother too. For you to put your father on a pedestal, who in turn put your mother on one tells me I have to meet her too! I'm humbled every time I encounter you and these special people you surround yourself with. I never saw love between my parents. Makes you have imaginary love role models I think. I'm determined for my children to see it from their parents however. Thanks for sharing this, oh, and I used to always say my Dad was nicer also. What a coincidence.

Craig Rich

Happy Birthday Burnell! I am so grateful for the Rich legacy and standard that you and your siblings have set for us. We love and admire you! I echo Heather's comments; our dad loves and respects you and time and again he's voiced appreciation for the support and spiritual guidance you've given him. Thanks again for blessing our lives.


Happy Birthday Uncle Burnell! I have such happy memories of our two families growing up. I felt so lucky to have your family live almost next door. SO MUCH FUN! I love you and Aunt Sherril. I also agree with Heather and Craig--our dad has always loved and respected you. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. You are a SPECIAL man. Take Care!


Happy Birthday! I know there were times growing up that you stepped in when I wouldn't listen to my paretns--little rebel me. I understood through the Spirit the things you taught forever changing my course. Thank you for loving a niece like that. I love you. I love your sweet wife, too. My life has been infintely blessed through you. I thank you eternally.

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