March 11, 2007



Congress passed an energy bill that included extending Daylight Saving Time by about a month. That means we will also wait longer to go back to "regular time", which will be the first week of November instead of last week of October. I'm agreeable with anything that adds more sunshine to my life! If only they could make the pool open sooner now...
Here's more information on daylight savings! http://www.infoplease.com/spot/daylight1.html

More light in the day = more happy moods for all...



OK Stacy, you goof!

Thanks for the info... :)

I hate to break it to you but just because we now have an extended DST doesn't mean that you will necessarily get more sunshine.

That will all depend on how many waking hours you spend in the sunshine and where you live.

Will Tulsa receive as much sun as Dallas?

If not, you may need to rethink your move...

based on the fact that you need more sunshine in your life. :)

Grandma Joan

Don't know anything about daylight saviings time and areas. I do know that the pictures of Emily and Ashton are like sunshine to me.

Love DSL ASH and EMI

That Picture is beautiful, Mar


I did a huge favor for everyone at church today.

Every one that would meet with the bishop would walk in to his office and he would proceed into a monologue about "doesn't it look like someone in this room got extra sleep today... who might that be???"

Glad to be of service.



First of all, the extra sunlight hours I was referring to were hours that I get in the evening. You're right though, I realize I don't get to keep an extra hour out of every day, and that there is no additional sunlight being created. :-) While I was unable to find an average amount of sunlight hours per day per city, I was able to for the last week determine that Frisco gets an additional 12 minutes of sunlight as opposed to Tulsa. If you also consider the enormous amount of sunshine I gain from your friendship, then I will definitely be at a greater loss after the move. Sigh...



What a sweet thing to say to me, Stacy.

I'm really enjoying bantering publicly with you.

Our phone conversation earlier today was fun also!

Thanks for being such a great friend.


Well it looks like the fun and silly comments go right along with the fun and silly blog entry!! Love the picture of the kids, though. The "new man" in your life is doing a great job. Ha Ha! And thanks Stacy for the great scientific info on a yearly thing we have to do that makes no sense to me!

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