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April 08, 2007


Grandma Joan

Dear Mar:

I know you love it so. I will hope and pray that your health will hold up.

God bless!


Miss Marilyn is the hit of the school.

Everyone is very happy to have her back in the saddle.


I am so happy to hear that you get to go back for a little while and spend more time with the Isbell family you have grown to love. Have fun!


You take care of yourself! It's been forever since I've seen you at church, and I know it is because you have to rest on the weekends. I'm happy that you'll be going back to a place you love so much -- I just want you to be healthy!

Louise Baca

WOW!!!! That's some news. I know you have really missed working as Isbell this year and so glad you have worked it out so you can help finish out the year. Here's to good health and going back!


I CANNOT TELL YOU ALL HOW WONDERFUL IT IS TO HAVE MISS MARILYN BACK AT SCHOOL!!!! Sorry for the all caps, but I really really needed to emphasize my excitement! It's been wonderful. It's so nice spending my last weeks at Isbell with Marilyn back in school, and I get to see her every day I work! I have missed her, and now I wish I worked full time again!

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