April 23, 2007


Grandma Joan

Jonathan become you???? Impossible!!!
However, I do hope and pray that you will carry on working at something you love so much. It's not easy when your health prevents you from doing so many things. When you are sick, you are really sick, Mar; but when you are well you are lively, vivacious, fun, on the go, ready for everything. I know you thrive on those days.

Good Luck.

P.S. For Mothers Day or my birthday, or for Christmas, I'd love to have you Cinnamon Roll Recipe.


I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Hope you are doing better. I also want your cinnamon roll recipe for my birthday!


Sorry folks, can't have Marilyn's cinnamon roll recipe.

She is saving it for her signature recipe when we retire and she opens her own bed and breakfast (OK it's a dream, but we all have to have them!)

Could I offer to send her to your house to make them for you on your birthday/special day instead?? That would be a present for all of you, probably even make the web log, with pictures!

Very true that its impossible for me to be Mar. No way! Ever tried my cinnomon rolls? Nope - that's because I've never made them...


PS. Can't blame you for trying though... :)


Well folks, I'll see what I can do.

Those rolls have been my back up plan, just in case Jonathan were to lose his job and I could talk him into starting a chain of B&B's in all of our favorite places, or for our retirement B&B plan...it's a dream, my dream...so who knows what will really happen.

Thanks jon for remembering my dream.


Sorry you haven't been up to 110%...I know it is so frustrating for you. I know because I am the same way. Moving on fast-forward seems to be our comfort zone. I guess we're just nuts, or maybe because we love our children and they are our lives! Whatever the reason, I hope you get back to feeling human again. Love ya...


When you open that bed and breakfast, I'll be your first customer!

Get well, friend.

Louise Baca

Take care of yourself... just reading your schedule makes me tired. No wonder you were sick. Get well soon!


How is it to have her back? FANTABULOUS of course! Now, I've decided that the best thing to do is for Marilyn to give us all the cinnamon roll recipe (do any of you cook?), we can open our own B&B, take turns nursing you back to health with your own cinnamon rolls, and soup which we hope you froze after preparing a giant batch for the last sick person in your home! Ha ha.

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