April 05, 2007




You have now lived the saying: Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Now comes the lecture:
- I understand you are a fashionista and you care how you look (unlike your father)
- I understand you match your flip-flops to your outfit
- I understand you change clothes multiple times a day
- I understand you color coordinate with Emily and Bitty
- I understand you like BSOs
- I understand you are moving into the hair control mode of your existance
- BUT I don't understand why you take your hair out in the morning after Mom drops you off AND then try to put it back up in the afternoon before she picks you up.

A little hint, your Mom is miss ultimate fashionista noticimo... (she don't miss much!)

Next time, just tell her....

Love you,



If I ever get the chance to live close to Marilyn I will have her do my hair every day. She is like a master hair guru. No one else can make it look as good as Mar.

Cythia Peterson

I am so glad to hear that others have this struggle too...but since I am not as talented as Marilyn at doing hair, it is not as great a loss. Meg, you have gorgeous hair and your Mom really is AMAZING. We miss you. The Peterson ABC's


What a great story. Miss Meg, you will laugh about this some day.

As if your mom wouldn't notice your different hair style, missy!

Us mom's miss nothing! We are given a 6th sense that helps us have a clue about the silly things you kiddo's try to get away with.

Love it!!

Louise Baca

Well Mar and Megan...it's all part of growing up and it doesn't mean it's always easy. But I know the love goes deep between you two. What a beautiful duo mother/daughter, no matter what your hair looks like.


I tried to comment on this forever ago, but I think I got distracted... something crazy was going on. I apologize that this is so late.
BUT.... This story cracked me up! But I totally understand the feeling when your hair isn't just how you want it to be. On days like those, I just shrug and say, oh well... it's not that big of a deal... I'll look nicer tomorrow. (But secretly I'm not satisfied.) If only I had someone to do my hair... then, even if I wasn't completely 100% happy with it... it would look cute. Believe me, I've had some scary hair days this year. The only thing I can do to help is to pin it up with bobby pins. Believe me, I did NOT get the hair-styling gene....
I don't remember where I wanted to go with this.
But, know that I love you! AND I miss you.
Stay out of trouble, and take care of your mom.
Love, Karen


Megan, I understand. I used to endure awful hairdos at the hands of MYSELF! Yes, my hair looked much better when my Mom did it, but it looked too "Mom-ish", for me, so I insisted that I go it alone. I have some funny school pictures because of it, but I was so stinking stubborn and independent! I remember that intense feeling of "let me do it!". Mom was so accomodating though! Great thing is that you have beautiful hair, and you know that if you ever want her to, your Mother will give you the style of the century in a second! Love you.

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