April 14, 2007




These are great pictures!

Our kids love to watch "Little House on the Prairie". Well they got a chance to almost live it!

It was kinda fun being a member of the 'mob' that drove them out at 9:00 at night. I did lose my voice and all the kids later told me that they recognized me... don't know how.

I am very glad to hear the reports that Nathan and Emily were such hard workers! Guess they have quite a bit of good stuff in them!

Mar didn't mention that Emily's "brother" Collin is 6' 5" and weighs 280 lbs. Must have been quite the pair - little tough Emi and big Collin.

I thought it a nice touch to end by a field of blue bonnets. Mar, great shots of the kids



How neat, and how proud of them you must be!


What a fantastic experience. Our church did that here about 6 years ago. I wish they did it more often. It is a great lesson to our children about what our forefathers had to go through. I love the bluebonnet pictures...do your kids roll their eyes when you ask them to pose?

Mine do. They get tired of mom always wanting to capture every moment. They call me "camera crazy". I'm sure they'll appreciate it later in life.

Great story!


It was kind of fun to have them gone because I was only four of us. I missed them, too.



It was kind of fun to have them gone because It was only four of us. I missed them, too.


Grandma Joan

I have many stories and miracles to tell about the trek experiences grandma and grandpa have had through the years. We were tested physically and mentally, but our faith grew stronger and our families grew closer. These experiences have increased our love and testimony that God does help us in every trial we face. I'm so very grateful for a Stake President (and husband) that wanted the members of the Stake (youth and parents)to be tested and grow stronger. I know how much time and work leaders provide because they want to serve God. I'm so happy Nathan and Emily that you were able to have this experience.


I remember when I got to go on the pioneer trek with my stake! I had so much fun! I was really jealous of all the kids who got to go this year. It was such a neat experience. I'm glad that Nathan and Emily got to go on the trek. It really becomes whatever you make of it.
They ended up canceling it for my stake this year, or so I heard. If they did, my stake youth really missed out.
I hope Nathan and Emily enjoyed it as much as I did.
(See you guys soon!!!)


What a cool deal! Did they go a distance? Where did they start & finish?
Tell me more! Must hear more!


I am so proud of all of your kids. They are a great example to me of faith and happiness. I know they have been loved and taught by wonderful parents. It makes me so happy to have such awesome cousins. :)

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