May 22, 2007



Wow!! How scary that is!! I know you guys will be fine. You have a great family, and any company that doesn't want Uncle Jonathan doesn't know what they are doing... You know, the bank has many types of jobs, not just banking roles. For example, they have their own advertising group. I know they are trying to develop new software programs for our processing. Who knows, maybe they could use someone with Jonathan's expertise. Whatever happens, I know you guys will make the best of it. I just hope you don't have to move!!

Grandma Joan

Jonathan: You look terrific. You are a Lloyd to be proud of. We really are proud of you and your wonderful family. I knew they would support you!!! after, all, that's what it's all about. Our prayers go you way constantly.

Love you forever,


The Lord has a way of pulling us out of the depths of sadness, uncertainty and fear. He will offer his hand to your family when the time is right. You are in my prayers.

PS. Love the new banner and of course the beautiful pictures above!


PSS. Your kids are amazing! Children have a way of being so open to change and being so positive. Maybe because their minds and perceptions have not had so much time on this earth to become so clouded like us adults.


No worries - this will work out fine!

Thanks Mar for the motivation!



I love our family, and I Know we will be able to make it through
PS.but I hope dad gets a job and soon:)
love Smash


Jonathan will be snatched up soon , I am sure. HP will regret they ever let him go. If only Vermont had a job for him....he could be the Essex Ward's new Bishop! Praying that this transition will be a smooth one for all the Lloyd's. HANG IN THERE! If you need a break, come to Vermont and we will spoil you and treat you like Royalty!


I am having a little deja vous about this post... Hmmm, something about the Lloyds having to leave Colorado, and not wanting to go, Marilyn not wanting to sell her house that they had just built, hmmm. Wow, somebody has certainly changed their tune. You guys seem to be handling this crisis this time around with much different attitudes and anticipation.
I'm just giving you a hard time. You guys are in our prayers and as you said, things will definitely work out. Your family continues to be an example of hard work, determination and stick-togetherness. The picture of the kids holding hands in the field of flowers really should have the soundtrack to the sound of music playing though--CUTE!


I'm thinking of you all. Change usually brings us to something better or at least helps us to grow in ways we didn't know we needed to or that we even could. God doesn't give more than we can handle, so I think we should all sit back and watch the Lloyds give the world a lesson on how to stand strong against the winds of adversity...

Louise Baca

With the qualities listed above I know the Lloyd's will be fine. I look forward to the day when you all look back at this bump in the road and see how it all turned out for the good!

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