May 17, 2007



I am very excited that I recieved this award.
I don't think that I really looked at it that closely for a long time.(just a couple minutes)


Just be glad that I didn't mention that you also had to compare the signature on your award with his signature on other awards. HMMMM....
Someone was STUDYING it, and it wasn't me. :)

You are right though, you only looked at it for a few minutes...5 or so....

I only know that because I was watching the clock and trying to get out the door due to some anxiety issues and a little phobia of mine. But as you can see, I didn't mention that either!

Love you Bemmer Bo!




You are the greatest! I am very proud of your accomplishment, but quite frankly, not dealing well with the thought of you in high school.



Emily, that's awesome!!!
Congratulations! That's really a cool honor! I'm really excited for you. AND I can't believe that you are going to be in high school next year. Wow.
Anyway, I think that you are amazing. But you already knew that, right?

Love ya!!


Way to go Emily! Since you're the only teenager I will let stay alone with my child, what are you doing next Friday? I want to take your Mom to the Isbell party!


Congrats! You are an amazing young woman. I wish you many rewarding, fun and exciting years to come in High School!


Awesome, Emily!

You are such an impressive young woman.


Grandma Joan

Dear Emily:
What does a grandmother say about a great, wonderful, lovely, beautiful young woman, inside and out. I say "Thank You, for sending such a genuine special young woman to our family. I feel honored and blessed.

Wmi: I love you!!

Louise Baca

Congratulations Emily! That is a very cool award. I just can't believe you are moving on to High School!

Grandma Sherril

Dear Emily:
What a wonderful award to receive. You are such a great and beautiful granddaughter. Beautiful on the inside as well as on the outside. I am happy that you made marching band. It looks like High School will be a blast for you. How can you fail with that personality and drive. Look out here comes our Em. We sure love you.
Grandpa and Grandma Rich

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