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May 11, 2007



comments open?


Do you think if I planted myself in your garden I would look that pretty the next morning?

Hee hee. Pretty photograph Mar. I am making something pretty amazing now though, it takes about 8 months and 29 days longer than your flower though...



I tried to post yesterday on this entry and it kept telling me there was an error. I guess it is fixed now.

WOW! I am so glad you posted this picture. I was wondering what the blooms looked like. I see why you like them. They are beautiful and your favorite color. It is one of my favorite colors, too.

Absolutely love these flower pictures! It makes me feel happy when I open your blog.

As for Stacy's comment, I can't wait to see her little "bloom" in the near future!


And what, pray tell, would you transform yourself into? I think that you are wonderful just as you are!
I just love looking at that beautiful flower. It has such a vibrant and lively color. I love it!



You burst into beautiful bloom every day!

You not only recognize all the beauty around you, you attract it because of the beauty within you. Like attracts like.

I am amazed at the beauty and generosity of nature. A little dirt, water and sunlight produces such a beautiful result for all to partake of. Amazing!

Love you,


Melanie Eickbush

Either you have the greenest thumb in Texas, Mar- or that state is the new garden of Eden. (I suspect the first) My gosh, I had no idea that flowers would be so beautiful there. These pictures are so great.

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