May 02, 2007



Ummm, how many times have you seen this now Mar? She saw it last night too! Now I want you all to know that she talked about it several times today at work, listened to the WICKED CD all day, and told me all about why I would just love the storyline. I think Marilyn is WICKEDLY in LOVE!


UH-OH...someone gave away your secret!! I am WICKEDLY jealous that you have seen it so many times and I have seen it zero!

I hope you all have a Wickedly Wonderful evening!


Oops, I didn't realize it was a WICKED little secret...

Grandma Sherril

Dear Lloyds:
We are glad you finally get to use your Christmas present. It sounds like it will be lots of fun. Please tell us what it's like to be wicked. Mar I hope you are feeling better. Seems like you never slow down. I know how you love teaching and how much you love the Young Women so it will be a dream job for you. I just hope your health will be good so that you can enjoy teaching them. Oh, Rachel has the things you sent to her from Texas and is really thrilled. As usual you went way beyond the second mile. She is thrilled. Had to show Grandma Richens the things and tell me about them on the telephone. She is turning in her report 4 days early because she has all the things she needs. She is pretty excited. I bet she knows more about Texas than most people do.
Have fun being WICKED.
Mom and Grandma Sherril


It was fantastic!

Marilyn and I sat on the end and kept looking down the row at the kids, they were totally enthralled!

We got the kids "booster" cushions - so no "big heads" spoiled the show!

As they were walking out they kept saying they wanted to see it again!


Louise Baca

Sometimes I think the anticipation is almost better than the actual event. I know this one is worth the wait!


i loved wicked

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