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June 30, 2007



I didn't realize that one could have so much fun talking about laundry. I HATE laundry. I would rather clean toilets. I know, I'm wierd! But laundry never ends. It is endless like the Ocean's Tide. And it definitely does not make me Cheer. I don't think I'll ever Gain a good attitude about it. Not even in another time or Era!

Grandma Joan

Is that ALL you have to say about laundry. My tongue is TIDE. After almost 50 years of doing laundry, my name is MR. CLEAN!!! Have Jonathan WISK you away for awhile. You'll BOUNCE right back to doing laundry, and who knows, you might even CHEER. (pretty corny, huh).

P.S. Ben claims that when he puts a dryer sheet in his pocket (mowing the lawn or doing yard work), the mosquitos just fly away. He hasn't been bothered by them for weeks. Really great considering how allergic he is to them. Amazing, Huh?!!


Now that's punny grandma joan. Love it!!!!

Valerie Chandler

Ok, I admit, I looked online to find your laundry knobs. Those are so incredibly cute!



Let me know how many door/drawers and I'll pick some up for you!

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