June 13, 2007



I hope someday to meet you Louise! You are a true and special friend to Mar.

What a wonderful and selfless thing to do for her in her time of need.


Baca-time! The kids are loving it!

Louise - I nominate you for friend of the year!

Thanks Bacas for all you are doing for our family.



Happy Birthday Louise!!!!
I hope you have a wonderful day!!! You deserve it!!!!!
You are a very special person and I love you tons!
Thank you for taking care of us. I hope you loved our surprise for you and your day is very special!!
Love ya,

Mom, I love and miss you a lot.


Happy birthday LOUISE!!!!!!


Louise Baca

Thanks Mar! The kids have thrown me a surprise birthday party, they went all out. It was great! We are all having a ball! I love the pics!

Louise Baca

I just want to add that these are the greatest kids ever! They traveled so great together, of course they were and continue to be thrilled to be together too. It is easy when you love each other and everyone is doing their best to make it great.

Megan came in and said Louise you have another present in your room, but it is not wrapped.... I go in and there is a five dollar bill on the night stand. I tell her she doesn't need to give me money, she replies with "I have lots of money". We hug and I tell her I love her. We are going to pick something out so I can always remember it is from Megan. The whole time we have been together has been like this.

It is a Baca, Lloyd love fest!


Absolutely amazing! Wow! I was just thinking on Monday of giving you a call, and remembered that you were supposed to be driving your kids down there. You're lucky to have such a wonderful friend Marilyn. I think maybe you're getting a little of what you give to everyone you know. I'm truly thankful for Louise de-stressing you, and happy you have such a wonderful friend...


I'm sorry to hear that you have been having more health struggles. I have had a rough couple of months as well and every morning when I'm hurting or having trouble with my 90 year old legs (this is what Dave calls them), I think of you and remember what an inspiration you are to me. You have never complained or let your health get in the way of enjoying and making the most out of life. I hope you know that you were always the kind of friend to me that you are describing of your friend Louise. I truly miss having you in my daily life!!
Love, MEL

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