June 26, 2007



Happy, Happy Birthday! Hope your day is great. Enjoy your new ride


Thanks Mar and Kids!!!

I love you all!


Bruce Peterson

Johnathan, Happiest BDAY. Sounds like a great one with a world full of new opportunities. I think you should center your efforts in your new job by building up the business in KC. Come on out and get started! Wish I was there to jump into the sumo suit and sing Happy Birthday. I'll call on my next visit down to Dallas. Don' be shy if you want to come up and see the church sites in Liberty and Independence, there just up the street from us.

My best to you and your wonderful family. It just doesn't get much better than 43 does it? I can hardly wait myself.



Thanks for being such an amazing husband to my buddy Marilyn! You are both lucky to have each other and those AMAZING kids of yours. Hope you had a great Birthday, now stay off that roof!


Happy birthday Jon! Your an awesome bro. I hope you had a huge piece of cake. I sure enjoy you and your family. You and Mar have done a great job with your kids. I can't wait until your all back here in the Rockies where you belong, so we can get some important fishing done. HAPPY 43!


Happy Belated Birthday Wishes To Jonathan! Way to go with getting a new job so quickly. We knew you would. Have a blast celebrating and don't work too hard. All the best from all your old buddies in Vermont.


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