July 01, 2007




Thanks for the kind post! I know this project took about 3 months longer than expected and you put up with a very messy side yard for that time.

I am pleased with the final result! Even the small pillar in the corner!

I have quite a new found respect for stone masons!

Glad I could "fence you in" a 'sweet kinda way'.

Love ya,


PS. I'm only available to hire out for you!

Grandma Joan

Beautiful Fence!! Never seen anything like it. Wow, what a project. I love the little pillar on the end. It reminds me of "The family of Lloyd". I'm proud of you Jonathan. Every Lloyd is a do-it-yourself man - - sometimes very good and sometimes -- it ends up a lawn ornament of a little pillar on the end. I'm so very happy you kept it!!!!!


"Hands to work, hearts to God". The small pillar makes all the difference in the world. Knowing that story, I like the beautiful fence all the more...


Holy cow! That's a fence built for a Lloyd Castle! That has to be the coolest looking fence ever. Maybe Jon should go into business for himself!


Goodness gracious! I'm so impressed. I am a bit jealous too. That we certainly help the house to sell! Who wouldn't love a fence like that? Beautiful.

Valerie Chandler

Fortress-like. Very nice.


I love our fence! It is so nice!
It is a very cool fence!!
I also like this fence "post"! How clever!

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