July 17, 2007



Sunday dinner was fantastic!

Now I don't ever want to leave!

Thanks Mar, hang in there - this can't last forever.... can it?


Rhodes is good, but Mar's are best!


You continue to crack me up when you confess these things like you've committed a major crime. You broke one of Marilyn's cooking rules? Frozen rolls were served in the Lloyd home -- what is this world coming to? I remember a few other confessions you've made to me over the years -- can I tell everyone that you didn't know how to make a box of kraft macaroni and cheese without reading the directions off the box and this was after you already had three of your kids! I believe a neighbor child was at your house and asked for it for lunch one day and so you broke down and made it for her. I also believe you never made jell-o as of 1997. I love the sweet dinner rolls that you taught me to make when we were in Colorado, my family thanks you too, we've enjoyed them for many years now and I almost have people fooled into believing I'm a baker. Little do they know that I bake two things -- one roll recipe and one bread recipe -- both given to me by you! Love ya, hope the house buyers start to come in droves, you guys need a break!

Valerie Chandler

Even a "gourmet" like you, Marilyn, needs a break sometimes!


I love your bakery items, but you know it's the Italian I'm always begging you to make! Infact, I don't remember anything that I don't like, other than when we were kids and you made me the peanut butter, jelly, honey, and chocolate sprinkles sandwich, man that made me sick, but since you were probably about eight, you were probably still trying out new flavor techniques......you've really turned out to be an awesome cook!


Yeah, yesterday morning she made her OWN HOMEMADE CARAMEL too! Ha ha. Then she said "it's really easy.." and proceeded to list all the ingredients (none of which I own). My family thanks you for the homemade sweet treats you made with that caramel Mar. If you lend me your time machine, I may try all these things out and learn, then go back to life as normal...

Love you even more than your food (which is a LOT)!



Mar still loves to put chocolate sprinkles on stuff - pancakes and ice cream, haven't seen them on a sandwich yet.



Can you tell by all of the above comments that your cooking and baking skills are something we all envy! I keep telling you that I need to take a 6 month course at Mar's cooking school for the dumb!

And to make things worse, I love Rhodes. I cook with them all of the time. I can't believe you haven't. No wait, I can. You crack me up!! And yes, I know we all crack YOU up.

Oh well, we all need to be thankful for our own talents. And those of you who live close enough to get the yummy goodies from the Lloyd household can be thankful for Mar's talent!

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